Single Tenant NNN Properties

Overview on Real Estate Development

Single Tenant Net Leases have grown increasingly popular over the past twelve months.

NNN assets have a long history of performing strongly during both good and bad economic times. When there is uncertainty regarding the future health of the economy, as has been the case, demand for such assets skyrockets, especially in sectors that have been deemed “pandemic proof.” These include gas and convenience stores, grocery stores, quick-service restaurants, and medical tenants. Some of the primary reasons why investors love NNN assets include: long-term leases, limited ownership responsibilities, attractive rental increases, tenant self-maintenance, and strong credit. Due to the increase in demand for such assets, developers of single tenant NNN leased properties have been extremely busy filling their pipelines through new site acquisitions. Concurrently, the tenants that occupy such properties have had an extremely successful past twelve months and are looking to expand rapidly.

By William Farkas & Elliot Alboucai